A Disc that can provide storage 2000times than the current DVD’s
May 25 2009 03:10 PM

Futuristic discs has been designed which can provide storage capacity of 2000 times that of current DVDs could be just around the corner, thanks to researchers who have created them using nanotechnology to store information in various colors.

According to researchers these discs have been made by using Nanotechnology which enables the creation of "Five Dimensional discs" with huge storage capacity.

"We were able to show how nanostructured material can be incorporated onto a disc in order to increase data capacity, without increasing the physical size of the disc," lead researcher Prof Min GU said.

Discs currently have three spatial dimensions, but using nanoparticles the researchers were able to introduce a spectral -- or color -- dimension as well as a polarization dimension. "These extra dimensions are the key to creating ultra-high capacity discs," GU said.

And Gold nanorods are being inserted into the disc to create the color dimension.

The researchers have recorded the information in a range of different color wavelengths’ on the same physical disc location when the nanoparticles are induced to light according to their shape.

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