Pak asks US to pay $1.6 billion for fighting terror

September 24, 2009 08:47 PM

Pakistan President Asif Zardari has asked the United States Government to repay the $1.6 billion spent on fighting extremism in his country's tribal areas.

The United States normally use to pay Pakistan for the anti-militant operations from a special account called the Coalition Support Fund.

This amount will go to the relief funds in the areas which is been damaged by the US military during its war against terror.

However US have suddenly stopped this fund and sources say that Pakistan hasn’t received any amount for more than a year.

Dawn News has reported that the Pakistan president had two separate meeting with the US officials at New York.

They also said that Af-Pak envoy Richard Holbrooke has made his presence during the meeting.

Zardari also sought early adoption of the Kerry-Lugar Bill that by which Pakistan will get an amount of $1.5 billion annually for five years.

Asif Zardari
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