Game ratings are not cared in India says game development.

September 24, 2009 08:47 PM

“Downloading a pirated version of one such game would take only a few hours. And they’re available at the fraction of their original prices in the grey market. Nobody cares about ratings for games in India and developers love cashing in on escapist male fantasies with products like these,” Mithun added.

Robert Sovereign Smith, the editor of the tech magazine Digit says parents must supervise rather going for rating of the game, “Supervision must begin on the home front. More than any form of censorship or rating, the parents themselves must take an active interest in knowing what their children are upto on their PCs,” he added.

The popular game Grand Theft Auto IV is associated with sexual scenes in the game, which has a full-frontal male nudity frame and the players can approach call-girls, this game is strictly unsuitable for minors.

A major retailer based in the city says, “Despite several US-based games carrying a certification from ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board), most parents in India barely have an idea about the type of games their children play. In fact, any child walking into a store can buy a game-certified as ‘Adults Only’ and not be stopped for doing so.”

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